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Trends in Web Design & Type


When designing a website the final appearance is not just about making it unique and original for visitors. A good web design considers the story you want to tell and ties it to the brand. In the past web designers were confined to a very restricted set of typography options that made virtually all website look similar. Typography refers to the typefaces (fonts) that are used for text on a website. In the past it was a common method for designers to restrict their designs to web-safe fonts such as Times New Roman, Tahoma and Arial. The reason for this restriction was that most web browsers were reduced to only supporting fonts which were installed in the user’s computer operating system. Since most computer come out of the box with a common set on fonts it was safe to assume using those fonts would result in a designers finished design to appear as expected. Using an uncommon font was out of the question if you wanted some level of assurance of how a website looked to the end user. The single way to present a different typeface was to use it as a graphic image created in some software such as Photoshop. As one might imagine this could become a cumbersome process. Google, had a small part in pushing designers away from using images as an image generally results in poorer search engine optimization since it is much easier for Google's search bots to use actual text versus interpreting an image into a word and making some sense of it.

Today, web developers and designers are no longer restricted to using a few web-safe fonts. Now, it is feasible to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to embed fonts into a website. This has open a new world of design adaptability. Now you can purchase web-based fonts ready to embed in your site, such as any of the fonts available from Making your very own custom fonts is now an option. If you are not ready to become a font creator consider hiring Roger Ridpath of to do it for you. You can make your own custom fonts or download and purchase pre-made fonts and use them in your projects without restrictions. Another great plus is the SEO-friendly code you will have with the embedded font.

With all this design power available you no longer need to hold yourself back. Be creative. Match your brand's personality and use the right fonts to make your message more powerful.


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Trends in Web Design & Type


When designing a website the final appearance is not just about making it unique and original for visitors.

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