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Artist Launches Font Fuel


Using the right font can be a big part of getting attention. Font Fuel is coming to the rescue and is offering a free font for joining their email list.

When it comes to creating a website or print publishing, the importance of font selection cannot be overstated. The choice can unique when the searcher has access to the experience and talent of someone who has a deep passion for typography and design. Award-winning artist Roger Ridpath is answering the call with the recent announcement of the launch of type foundry Font Fuel.  Font Fuel is a new website that features a mix of free and paid fonts of the highest quality.  To encourage enthusiasts to subscribe to Font Fuel's email list and stay caught up with their latest updates, the website is offering a free unique font for all email subscribers.  Deeply experienced and passionate, Ridpath has been designing letterforms and fonts for over three decades.

“The right font can absolutely be the fuel that carries a project over onto the winning side of things,” commented the passionate Ridpath.  “I've seen it happen time and time again. This isn't the area to slack in, and I hope my new site and type foundry, Font Fuel, turns into a valuable resource for creative-minded designers.”

So far, six font families are featured on Font Fuel, with plans to add more as they are crafted.  Downloading either free or paid versions is quick and simple as is activating them on the new font owner's computer.  Font Fuel also includes a thoughtful design and font blog where Ridpath shares his own thoughts and lessons he has learned in his years in the industry, in an effort to help the new website's users be more effective and compelling designers or publishers themselves.

Early feedback for Font Fuel has been very positive across the board.

Chris S., recently said in a five-star review, “I'm working on a project and needed a few new fonts.  Very happy with both the free and the paid font I downloaded from Font Fuel.  First class work.  I will definitely be back for more and recommended Font Fuel to colleagues.”

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About Font Fuel

My name is Roger Ridpath. I run I am a professional graphic designer with more than three decades of experience. I love typography and enjoy creating my own type designs. Why call it As a designer, I often see how the right type/font can add energy to a design that makes it communicate much more precise than the wrong choice. In a sense, the type in a design is the fuel that makes it GO!

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Roger Ridpath 816.792.9669


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Artist Launches Font Fuel


Using the right font can be a big part of getting attention. Font Fuel is coming to the rescue.

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