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Ariel and Times are ordinary.
Do you Really want to be ordinary?

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The Back Story

Let me introduce myself. My name is Roger Ridpath. I run


Trends in Web Design & Type


When designing a website the final appearance is not just about making it unique and original for visitors.

Beautiful, Modern, Simple


As a creator of communications and art, I pay particular attention to things that catch my attention.

Soooo Haarrrrds - the "S"


When I'm drawing and creating letterforms the "S" is always the hardest for me.

About Font Fuel

My name is Roger Ridpath. I run I am a professional graphic designer with more than three decades of experience. I love typography and enjoy creating my own type designs. Why call it As a designer, I often see how the right type/font can add energy to a design that makes it communicate much more precise than the wrong choice. In a sense, the type in a design is the fuel that makes it GO!


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